Matthew 14: 25-30
I am getting great encouragement from this passage of scripture to be courageous and get out of the boat.

Today is pretty special because it is the day my mom passed away and the day I launch my book, HEARTS CRY: MADE WITH PURPOSE FOR A PURPOSE. Whenever I am nervous or afraid, I could still hear her voice. She would say, in her Haitian accent, “Shirley, be courageous!” And that is what Jesus was inviting Peter to do; courageous trust! Don’t look to the pitfalls on your left or right but keep your eyes fixed on Him. He will see you through. My book is a product of me keeping my eyes fixed on Him during the storms, spiritual attacks, and pitfalls of my life. I am grateful I kept my eyes off of myself and fixed on Him. He saw me through to this book and He will indeed see you through. Trust Him!

Shirley charles robinson lookout


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