Hearts Cry

Made With Purpose for a Purpose

Have you found yourself asking the question: what is my true spiritual purpose? How does my true purpose in life serve God fully? And how will this purpose of mine best serve Him and benefit others?

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“Whatever God has given you a heart for, it was placed there by God. I encourage you to pursue it zealously as Paul did with the task that was given to him to complete.”


Amazon CustomerLove this book!!
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I started reading this book electronically and fell in love. Truly helping me find my purpose and dig deep within. Purchased a hard copy to be able to highlight & take notes.
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Love this book!!! Exactly a step by step on how to seek my purpose! I’ve struggled with identifying my purpose and this book, “HEARTS CRY made with purpose for a purpose” was an answered prayer.
LoisBe Encouraged and Challenged to Live Out Your Purpose!
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Reading the book feels like talking to a friend in person. She's not afraid to open herself up for the reader to really grasp how this can actually work for your life too! I love how she melds Scripture in with her words to emphasize, drive a point or simply give an example. Steps of Faith at the end of each part give you simple yet tangible ways to try them yourself. If you're new to the faith or been a believer for a lifetime, I highly recommend this book so we could all intentionally live for the very purpose God intended for us.
Mindy Celestin
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Hearts Cry: Made with Purpose for A Purpose is peppered with stories of how the author, Shirley Charles-Robinson, came into her own realization of her God-given purpose. Not only is this book a step-by-step tutorial for you to find your purpose, but it is also a reflection on Scripture. It uses Scripture to illustrate how well-known biblical figures pushed through their fears and doubts to trust God’s plan for them. I felt encouraged to embark on my journey…Can’t wait to discover what God has planned for my life.

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