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“Well, my beloved. Our God wants us to sparkle and not remain a dull rock. In fact, when we sparkle, He sparkles even brighter among mankind. He wants to empower us so we can speak and move boldly for His name’s sake. When we walk boldly for His glory, we experience the blessings and victory as byproducts of obedience.”

God's Servant

Shirley Charles Robinson is wife and mother to four. She is an actress with theatre, film, television, and commercial credits. However, God redirected her steps towards a Pastoral Apprenticeship where she served as a Community Life Pastor at Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock, California, for 2 years. Her 20-year journey serving her church community in several capacities prepared her to be sharpened by God toward the journey to encourage and empower women to be all that God has created them to be.

Shirley enjoys gathering with her family, cooking and salsa dancing.

“We need to remember that we must not be dismayed by whatever challenges we face because our God isn’t like any other god. “If He’s for us, who or what can come against us?”