Overcome the biggest roadblocks to sharing your story

So you can live purposefully and impact lives for God’s glory 

Join Shirley Charles-Robinson for a 5 Day “Curating your Passion Story for Impact 

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Just one simple thing stands in the way of most creatives who want to share their passion story

 Without a clear direction of which part of your story need to be told you will continue to delay sharing your story which is God’s story so that others will be impacted and encouraged to be bold and courageous action takers. Therefore, you prevent planting the seed that needs to be planted to flourish. Because of fear, lack of clarity and overwhelm. You’ll more than likely end up: 

But when you learn to align yourself with God’s best for your life and share your story to point to an amazing God and allow your courageous vulnerability to open doors you couldn’t imagine; such as:

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5 Day-Live Bootcamp with Shirley Charles-Robinson

That will lead you to share your overcoming and passion story to encourage others and live more fulfilled living more purposeful as God intended 

Printable Workbook with Shirley Charles-Robinson

You'll get a copy of the Curating your impact story workbook enabling you to follow along with each session, take notes, and make actionable progress during our time together 

What you'll learn?

Inside this live 5 day training I’ll teach you exactly how to:

What you'll learn?

Shirley Charles-Robinson

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Here’s What’s Happening during the bootcamp

Day 1  Know Yourself/ No Your Audience


Day 3 Determine the Impact

Day 4 Constructing Your Passion Story

Day 5 Ready To Take The Journey


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